She graduated from the University of Ibadan in 2000 and was called to the Nigerian Bar as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 2002.  Before founding the firm, she was involved in active legal practice in the law firms of Ola Apalara & Co., Ogunniyi Ogundare & Co., and Dele Farotimi & Co. where she rose very quickly to become the head of the Real Estate arm of the Firm.

She has been engaged in active consultancy and solicitor’s work and have researched extensively in Property and Land Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

As a consultant, she has provided legal support services to companies in the banking and real estate sectors of the economy. She has equally advised on and negotiated out of court settlement of commercial disputes and have successfully and extensively mediated over family related issues.

With my university of Cambridge CELTA certification and having lived outside of the country for an extended period (Qatar; 2004-2008 and Indonesia; 2010-2013), she has gained vast experience (with the rare advantage of a grounded world-view) in teaching Communication Skills both to teachers and students of varied nationalities.

She currently facilitate a class in Communication Skills at the prestigious Nigerian Institute of Chartered Arbitrators (NICA), also, she is currently pursuing her Master’s program (LLM) at the University of London.

She is an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, responsible, and hard-working person. She is a team player who is able to easily adapt under pressure and adhere to strict deadlines, having served in so many leadership roles, from my early days, till now.

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